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Linen and Lace Exhibit


The Madison County Historical Society proudly presents "Linens & Lace:  Clothing and Textiles from 1850 to 1950" Exhibit which will be on display at the History Center, 7 West 11th Street, Anderson, Indiana.  The Exhibit Hall is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

 It is a HUGE collection of children's clothing, lace shawls and table coverings.  The clothing and lace items are elegantly handmade and appear to be very simple in design.

You will be interested in the period spinning wheel and its accessories.  The processing material for clothing was  very lengthy and difficult, taking many, many hours to complete.  Often, only the women were relegated to this work.  Much of the stitching took place at night in the light of only an oil lamp.

Our special "Thank You" to Linda Jones for loaning us her collection to supplement the Society's clothing items.  Also, we have been blessed with loans of various items from local families.  Those are items belonging to Steve and Janene Jackson, Morris Turner, Bill Knepp, Lucretia Lawler and Ann Bondurant.

Thanks to Melody Hull, Linda Jones, and Bill Knepp for their work in  organizing and displaying all these items.   

The exhibit is  free to everyone in the community.  It is for you and your family;  that's why we do it!  For more information and/or questions, please call us at (765) 683-0052 during public hours.  Thank you!


 The coverlet was made in Indiana in 1848.  The material used is wool.


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