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 ......To the Madison County Historical Society.  MCHS was organized in 1884 and incorporated in 1926.  From these humble and early beginnings, the Society has continued through the years with vigor, energy, and dedication on its mission to collect and preserve objects, artifacts, documents, and photographs pertaining to the history of Madison County, Indiana.  Through research, education, and exhibition, we seek to interpret and prompt an awareness and appreciation for that history for the benefit of all generations. 


At our home in downtown Andersonthere is a lasting record of a way of life preserved for all to see, treasure and enjoy.  We welcome all who are interested in exploring our rich culture and social history.  The earliest pioneers, seeking new homes and better farm land, came here when there were only Indian trails and buffalo tracks.  They settled along the White River and small creeks in Madison County, encountering the Indians, clearing the timber and stayed because of the richness of the soil.  Indiana was the cross roads to lands further west and many did pass through;  however, those who remained, built homes, farms, businesses, churches, and communities.  Our early history is interwoven with that of the Delaware Indians and those early pioneers who came to a new land.  Their lives and courage should give us pause and inspiration to continue with the work we have set for ourselves and the Society. 


 The "Linens & Lace:  Clothing and Textiles from 1850 to 1950" is NOW in the Exhibit Hall for your inspection. 

We are so privileged to have this display come to the History Center.  Part of the collection is owned by a member and volunteer of the Society who has been so kind to offer it for display.  The other many clothing items are from the Society's collection given to us by the Hughel family.

This is an enormous collection with many fine examples of early 1850s and 1900 children's clothing.  The handmade items are exceptional!

VISIT US NOW!  You will not be disappointed!  This exhibit will close this Friday, January 29th at the end of day.


 Trains & Doll Houses Exhibit To Open

 Once again the Madison County Historical Society will sponsor the "Christmas Trains and Doll Houses" exhibit in the permanent show rooms at the History Center.

You are invited to join us in December and over the Christmas holidays to view and, perhaps, run a model train.  Roger and his "merry" men have been busy all these fall days getting ready for this display.  Opening day is November 30th with extended hours Saturday, December 5th.


 Join us with a membership in our Society.  Anyone is welcome to join;  you can be in county, state, or out-of-state.  Do it today!


 Do you have a special talent?  How about a few hours during the week that you could help us out?  Your volunteer work can be rewarding.....come join in.

 If you are looking for an ancestor in Madison County, we are the place to help you discover what happened to them, where they were in the county, what they did, and how they got here.  Send us a query and we will try to help.  You may also update your email address here.


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 Madison County Historical Society|15 West 11th Street, P. O. Box 696, Anderson, IN 46015-0696| ||(765)683-0052

Control what you can, cope with what you can't, and concentrate on what counts.

Madison County History Center

15 West 11th Street, P. O. Box 696,

Anderson, IN 46015-0696

Phone: 765-683-0052



Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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