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 ......To the Madison County Historical Society.  MCHS was organized in 1884 and incorporated in 1926.  From these humble and early beginnings, the Society has continued through the years with vigor, energy, and dedication on its mission to collect and preserve objects, artifacts, documents, and photographs pertaining to the history of Madison County, Indiana.  Through research, education, and exhibition, we seek to interpret and prompt an awareness and appreciation for that history for the benefit of all generations. 


At our home in downtown Andersonthere is a lasting record of a way of life preserved for all to see, treasure and enjoy.  We welcome all who are interested in exploring our rich culture and social history.  The earliest pioneers, seeking new homes and better farm land, came here when there were only Indian trails and buffalo tracks.  They settled along the White River and small creeks in Madison County, encountering the Indians, clearing the timber and stayed because of the richness of the soil.  Indiana was the cross roads to lands further west and many did pass through;  however, those who remained, built homes, farms, businesses, churches, and communities.  Our early history is interwoven with that of the Delaware Indians and those early pioneers who came to a new land.  Their lives and courage should give us pause and inspiration to continue with the work we have set for ourselves and the Society. 


The Madison County Historical Society is sponsoring an exhibit about brewing, distilling and bottling in Indiana.  This display is very detailed, informative, and educational.  Another museum quality exhibit that you "don't want to miss!"  

In this case, that is abundantly true.  The display committee has designed an exhibit that is beautiful to look at as well as being historically accurate along with showcasing fine and rare items.  There are artifacts from the 1850 - 1875 era including many bottles and flasks, posters and advertisements.

The exhibit will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the History Center, 7 West 11th Street, Anderson, Indiana.

A BIG "THANK YOU" to Bill Knepp, Linda Jones, and Melody Hull for their hard work in bringing this exhibit to fruition.   If you wish to bring a group for a tour, please call 765-683-0052 and make arrangements.  There is no fee for this activity.



Stephen T. Jackson, Madison County Historian, has embarked upon a new history series that will be published in the Herald Bulletin.  Please be looking for these articles about our county.

The series is titled "What's in a Name?"  Steve brings to light the early organizing of the county, the people and interesting place names like Toad, Hardscrabble and Buzzardville.  You can follow the link here for the first two articles.



 "If the River Could Talk" 

Throughout Indiana's Bicentennial year of 2016, Stephen T. Jackson, Madison County Historian, authored a series of articles called "If the River Could Talk."  Those articles appeared in The Herald Bulletin on the History Page. 

The Herald Bulletin and Steve Jackson have once again teamed up to bring to the community a new book called "If the River Could Talk".  The book will be ready for distribution in May.  Look for another announcement here around that time.

Meanwhile, you can reserve a copy of the book by sending your name, address, phone number and check or money order to the Herald Bulletin, 1133 Jackson Street, Anderson, IN 46016.  You may also call HB at 765-640-4848 to order with a debit/credit card.  If you want the book(s) mailed, please include the shipping fee.  You can save the shipping fee by picking the book(s) up at the HB office so make sure you include your phone number.  You can use this order form here.

(Print order form using "File"; go to "print" and put in page 2.)

The Madison County Historical Society will benefit from the sale of this book. 

This is a wonderful and thoughtful way for you to support the Society and gain a tremendous value for yourself. 

Please support Steve Jackson and the Herald Bulletin in their efforts in bringing the story of our heritage to all everyone in the county.


 Join us with a membership in our Society.  Everyone any where is welcome to join;  you can be in county, state, or out-of-state.  Do it today!

Do you have a special talent or interested in a special project?  How about spending a few hours during the week helping us?  Your volunteer work can be rewarding.....come join in.


 If you are looking for an ancestor in Madison County, we are the place to help you discover what happened to them, where they were in the county, what they did, and how they got here.  Send us a query and we will try to help.  You may also update your email address here.

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