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The Madison County Historical Society is please to present to our community, members, and patrons another museum quality exhibit.   The exhibit is titled "Before We Were Madison County."  This is a celebration of our prehistoric origins that have been found in rock formation deposits here in the county. 

Many are familiar with the little trilobites and sponges that you can find in numerous place especially near water.  However, most of us are not familiar with any large fossil finds anywhere in the county or the state. 

Native Indians, finding these remains, were attributing them to ancient water monsters because the fossils were found around Delvil's Lake.  Later early research projects began during the 50's, surveying fossil plants.  This survey discovered a much higher diversity of plants than anticipated and boosted their significance.  In total the survey uncovered 146 species of prehistoric plants at 93 fossil sites. 

Various local collectors have loaned the Society their artifacts collections to make the exhibit more multi-dimensional.  On display will be Indian wear and tools, animal bones and many more collectibles. 

The exhibit will extend until the end of October, 2019.  Once again, we must give a THANK YOU to Bill Knepp, Linda Jones, and Melody Hull for their very detailed and informative display.

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