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The Madison County Historical Society proudly presents "Guide Lamp:  Lighting the Way" Exhibit which will be on display at the History Center, 7 West 11th Street, Anderson, Indiana.  The Exhibit Hall is open 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

This display is truly a HUGE collection of historic proportions for the Anderson area.  Men and women came from miles around to work at the automobile plants here in the city.  Several generations in a family would work at Guide Lamp, raise families, and retire here.  The products made here were iconic, innovative, and famous world-wide. 

You will be interested in the many, many photographs of the period and the various products made in the plants such as a variety of head lamps and bumpers.  A picture gallery is also available for your viewing.

Our special "Thank You" to Melody Hull, Linda Jones, and Bill Knepp for their work in organizing and displaying all these items.  This exhibit will be on display until around September 30, 2016.   

The exhibit is  free to everyone in the community.  It is for you and your family;  that's why we do it!  For more information and/or questions, please call us at (765) 683-0052 during public hours.  Thank you!


1950s Guide Automatic Eye Dimmer for Auto Headlights


The Guide Book is available for purchase at the History Center office. 

For mail order, go here.


1936-37 Truck Headlight


The Guide Lamp story told in classic and historic pictures.

Above is an aerial view of the Guide Lamp plants and facilities.

Left--1929 Cadallac headlamp.

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