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A Taste of Tradition

$ 12.95 USD

The A Taste of Tradition cookbook has 267 recipes contributed by our members.  These recipes are historic in that they have been handed down from grandmothers to daughters.  Because of its simplicity, the book is a wonderful gift for those just beginning to cook.  It would even be great for your collection.  Get at least one today!


Delco-Remy Book

$ 55.00 USD

At the turn of the century, Anderson was a growing community which supported numerous industrial establishments.  At that time, such varied products as shovels, tin plates, glass,  gasoline engines, and magnetos were being manufactured.  With the passage of years, the factories making these products ceased operation.  An outstanding exception was the Remy Electric Company, later to become the Delco-Remy Division of General Motors, which had its beginning in those earlier days and continued to grow until it became an industry that existed for 90 years.


Guide Lamp Book

$ 30.00 USD

Volume #1 covers the early concept of the electrical automobile headlamps through the successful application and growth of the industry from 1908 through 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio.


Remembering Edgewood

$ 50.00 USD

On April 14, 1926, the Madison County Board of Commissioners and the Anderson Planning Board approved Wade Donnelly's plat for 37.75 acres.

Remembering Edgewood is a collection of memories, information, history, articles, maps, and pictures of Edgewood and its recognition as a town in 1929.


1901 Madison County Land Owners Map

$ 35.00 USD

This map is for those who really enjoy maps.  The "1901" is really large at 32 inches wide and 65 in long.  It would make an interesting wall decoration in a den, family room, or bar area.  Get yours today and enjoy it forever!


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