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Striving To Protect and Preserve History



The Madison County Historical Society is located in downtown Anderson, Indiana in our home of the MUSEUM of Madison County History  building at 15 West 11th Street.  The building was donated to the Madison County Historical Society and has become our permanent home.  We are continuing to up-date, rehab and expand our facilities to better serve the community and the county.

Presently, our attention has been on the construction of the MUSEUM on the second floor of the building.  We have put in new flooring, plastered walls, new lights, and new heating ducks.  Much needs to be done;  however, we are optimistic about a late 2020 opening. 

The public is encouraged and invited to visit us anytime on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please use the office entrance.  You may call us at 765-683-0052 during our public hours.  There are no fees for any activities, events, exhibits, and meetings.


The Madison County Historical Society is an all volunteer member Society.  The members give of their time, talents, energy, experiences, and knowledge to the benefit of our community, county and prosperity of the Society.  It's all about the people who came before us, their lives, the contributions, and achievements that makes our history come alive.

Our mission is to collect and preserve objects, artifacts, documents, and photographs relating to the historical development and life in Madison County, Indiana.  Through exhibitions, education, and research, we seek to interpret and prompt an awareness and appreciation for the history and life of our community to benefit our present and future generations. 

Throughout the year, we present to the community exhibits that are a reflection of our county history.  The exhibits and displays are educational, inspirational, and  family fun.  You are encouraged to attend each and every one!

The collecting of stories, books and family histories is an intriguing journey of discovery and is only part of what we do.  Our aim and effort is to make our community better by caring for and sharing the knowledge we have of our rich and wonderful heritage. 

Your participation can be rewarding and educational.  Come join us as we seek to continue on our mission. 



Mailing Address:

Madison County Historical Society

P. O. Box 696

Anderson, IN 46015-0696 


To contact anyone at the History Museum, you may call at 765-683-0052 or email us at

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 The History Museum has three entrances along 11th Street:

  • Exhibit Hall - 7 West 11th
  • Lobby, Bowman Room & History Library - 11 West 11th
  • Offices & Genealogy Library - 15 West 11th



Contact Us:  Madison County Historical Society|15 West 11th Street, P. O. Box 696, Anderson, Indiana 46015-0696|(765)683-0052|

Open and Exhibit Hours:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays,  9 am - 3:00 pm