Madison County Historical Society

Madison County Historical Society

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The Madison County Historical Society is an all-volunteer association of people from all walks of life and profession who have come together to help each other work toward the preservation of the history of this county.  That is the focus...history of our county.  We collect memorabilia, artifacts, family stories, genealogy records, and much more. 

Support of cultural institutions such as ours is an investment in  our community.  The Historical Society is at the fore in preserving and keeping safe those items and materials that are so important to our county's long, prosperous and varied history.  We are promoting an interest in and an appreciation of the history and culture of the early beginnings and present activities in our county.  We offer educational programs, exhibits, and research opportunities to our members and visitors.  A Madison County Historical Society membership is an investment you can make in the community and yourself. 

Please join us with a membership now and know that you are supporting and organization which places a premium on our promises and the Society's mission.  JOIN NOW..... TODAY!!!  Thank you very much.

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